International Youth Day #GetToKnow Lauren Thatcher – Zimbabwe



My counterpart, Noxolo, has been a huge inspiration on my journey through ICS. Her Mum died when she was young, and she is the first born of four. Her uncle took the children in as her Dad works in South Africa and isn’t often in touch. Her uncle sent her to school up to her A Levels. She wants to go to university but funds are a huge problem for her. She works where she can doing people’s hair but puts all her money towards getting her siblings and cousins through to their A levels.

She joined Restless Development last year. She is now a role model for so many young women in our placement. She speaks of wanting to study travel and tourism, but also maybe one day flying a plane, getting around the world. For someone who has so little, she has the confidence to make it big.”

I know this is a little long but I feel I need the words to get Noxy’s story out !  If you want to shorten it go ahead !

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