Mwajuma’s dream of becoming a secretary


Mwajuma Twaribu, is an 18 year-old from Tanzania who has benefited from Restless Development’s Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights programmes, including Mabinti Tushike Hatamu (Girls Let’s Be Leaders!), which are supported by International Citizen Service volunteers from the UK and in-country. Read her story below. 

When Mwajuma was still in school she became pregnant, she was then forced to drop out of education.

She explains “I got pregnant because I lacked awareness, I didn’t know about safe sex or how to use a condom, how STDs are transmitted and the difference between HIV/AIDS”.

Where Mwajuma lives, in Kilungule, Temeke, Restless Development community volunteers run a project providing training sessions for young women in the community.

Mwajuma says “through the project I am now equipped with knowledge and understanding in the area of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights”.

In addition, the group is in the process of starting a charcoal business which is in high demand, enabling her to generate a small income to take care of herself and her daughter.

As part of the project she is now receiving ICT training: “the trainings I have been attending have revived my long lost dream of becoming a secretary, I believe ICT is a breakthrough to my dream.”

If you’re interested in volunteering to support people like Mwajuma, find out how to apply for ICS with Restless Development here.

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