3 South African women with a vision 2030


Scroll through the quotes below to find out more about these women’s visions for 2030.

Mrs Gqaleni, Teacher

Mrs Gqaleni, Teacher

Mrs Gqaleni, Head of Life Orientation at CHP school in Ntlaza

“I look forward to women having their own business, having the material boost they need to become head of departments. They must have a voice; for instance in Parliament we don’t have a voice. I would also like to see women leading the country – I would be glad if the president were a woman.

In our communities we women act as the leaders, in every community women are the backbone. There are chief and there must be chiefesses – we have the brains but we are not, and must, be made chiefesses.

And also we are going to Church every day. The management of the Church must be women, they must be given the chance to be pastors and have their own Churches.”

Alicia, Retired resident

Alicia, Retired resident

Alicia Mpongo, Retired resident of Hluleka

“Women are now in a very poor position and by 2030 we want to be in a much better position. We want to be given opportunities just like men. Yes we may have free education but now we want women to be commanders, principals and managers.

Fruit vendors must have access to shelters, toilets, water and electricity and should not have to pay rent, right now they must stay in rural areas very far from where they work.”

Nongezile, Corn seller

Nongezile, Corn seller

Nongezile Luvulweni, Ntlaza corn-seller

“I want to see women having access to free housing. I sell sweetcorn to the people in the taxi rank and from the community and I want the government to help my business to expand. The women must lead in the community meetings and have a voice in the country and community meetings.”

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