HacKtion/2015: London showed its #YouthPower


Five continents. 80 countries. 100,000 young activists. This International Youth Day, the largest generation of young people in history unleashed their #YouthPower.


Wednesday 12th August 2015 was the day that young people around the world made their voices heard on an unprecedented scale. As part of the action/2015 campaign, over 100 events took place across 5 continents, all championing #YouthPower in this pivotal year for people and planet.

From underwater protests in Sri Lanka to flashmobs South Africa, young people celebrated the fact that as the largest generation of young people in history, we have the power to hold world leaders to account for the commitments they make to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change at the SDG and Climate Summits later this year.

After lighting up London with images of iconic global figures in their youth (alongside one of our very own inspiring activists Ladan Takow), over 40 young people arrived at Google Campus on the morning of International Youth Day. Why? Well ICS volunteers and ONE Youth Ambassadors had joined forces for HacKtion/2015- tasked with amplifying the voices of the hundreds of thousands of their fellow youth activists taking action around the world.

To help guide us all through our first hackathon, a range of digital experts joined us on the day. Including Richard Beer, Creative Director of Don’t Panic London – the masterminds behind The Revolution Will Be Televised and this iconic Syria video; Helen Hector, Digital Campaigns Manager at The ONE Campaign; and Richard Roaf, founder of Alter-Eco Communications.

After technical training from our expert guests, the Hack began! Volunteers competed in teams for the largest online impact: frantically retweeting and engaging with global events whilst also creating and sharing their own digital content, using the Greenscreen, VoxPops and Photoshop stands dotted around the room.

The result? #YouthPower reached over 36 million people on social media worldwide. Not bad for a days work?

From London to Lima, Nairobi to New Delhi, a powerful network of young activists came together on International Youth Day to remind global leaders that we’re a force to be reckoned with. We reminded them that we’ll be watching closely the promises they make at the two global summits this year, and holding them accountable to them post-2015.

A massive thank you to everyone who took part in HacKtion/2015 and all of the other 100+ inspirational global events. We showed the world our #YouthPower and we’re not stopping here, so stay tuned for the next big action/2015 moment on the 24th September!

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