Hope for a new beginning in Nepal


Sudhai Rai, age 23, has recently become a team leader on the International Citizenship Service (ICS) programme in Nepal. Through volunteering she hopes to begin to build a future for her country after the devastating earthquake last year. Here she gives her honest opinion on how the earthquake affected the people of Nepal.

It has been almost a year since the day of destruction, death and tears. April 25th 2015 was the day when a massive earthquake hit Nepal. It is one of the black days for our Nation. We lost so many things, we lost some of our national heritages, we lost so many lives and thousands of people were injured because of the earthquake.

So many people became homeless while so many of them lost their family and relatives. We lived in fear; fear of dying, fear of losing loved ones but still there was hope; hope for life, positivity and hope for a new beginning.

Even today I can’t see any changes or differences in our damaged and ruined national heritage sites; it is still in the same state as just after the massive earthquake. Almost one year later, we all are hoping to see the change in our Nation. We are looking forward to the change in everything, not only in the damaged heritage sites but we also want our government to change into one strong government, so that it can be a medicine for our injured Nation.

We all experienced a lot this year, we lived in fear and sorrows but still we survived to bring change and heal our Nation. We also learnt to become a human beings again. Not in a physical sense, but emotionally – we were all there for each other from the core of our heart. After experiencing such a devastating disaster in our country, there is no religion, gender, caste system or nationality separation – we are all just a human beings trying to recover our beloved county.

Find out more about Restless Development’s response to the Nepal earthquake here.

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