The lived experience of climate change obligated us to be Active Citizens


Louise Eldridge and Joselyne Kirungi, Restless Development Team Leaders with International Citizen Service (ICS) in Uganda, write about how they used World Environment Day to highlight the vital issue of climate change in their local community…

Why I’m doing ‘Meat Free May’


Jessica Lear is one of Restless Development’s Climate Campaigners, taking local action for global impact. In #NationalVegetarianWeek she wants to tell you why she’s trying ‘Meat Free May’ and how this links with her work for climate justice. 

If we’re going to solve the world’s problems, every day counts and young people know it.


Catriona Currie is the Campaigns Manager at Restless Development and is overseeing the global Youth Power Campaign. In this post she reflects on the campaign launch and how young people are leading the way to a better world.

Climate change, time for Africa to invest in new energy initiatives


Tatenda Matewa, is a graduate from MSU in Zimbabwe. In this post, Tatenda looks at the different opportunities for sustainable energy production in his country and across the whole continent of Africa.

Every day I wake up to the sound of crying ravens, flying all over the hood, landing here and there to scavenge for food. This year has been extremely different from other years. The longer I stand outside, their cries remind me to look into the sky and see how naked it is. It reminds me of the myth that if ravens cry over a long period of time, they signal the change of weather. But this has been happening for almost a month now yet the weather didn’t change.

What climate activists can learn from Sunday School leaders


Robert White is a development economics and planning consultant based in London. In this post he considers the need for increased public support of emissions mitigation policies and encourages everyone to play their part.

We can’t all be ‘young heroes’, but everybody can inspire change. To make a difference you don’t need to fly to Paris, work for a green start-up, or get teargassed by the Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité.

The impact of climate change on Nigeria


Olumide Idow is a climate change activist from Nigeria who founded the environmentalist action group Climate Wednesday. In this post for our#CoolerPlanet series, he explores what impact climate change could have on Nigeria – as well as the impacts it is already having.

Climate change has become a new reality and a worldwide phenomenon, but what is climate change? What impact could it have on Nigeria? And how can we mitigate any negative impacts to ensure that climate change does not have disastrous consequences on Nigeria? Giving answers to these questions are at best guesstimates as no one can be definitive about them, but we still need to start thinking about them today to find answers to tomorrow’s challenges.