The lived experience of climate change obligated us to be Active Citizens


Louise Eldridge and Joselyne Kirungi, Restless Development Team Leaders with International Citizen Service (ICS) in Uganda, write about how they used World Environment Day to highlight the vital issue of climate change in their local community…

New Year. No meat.


After a successful deal was reached at the Climate Change Summit in Paris last December, environmental issues are becoming ever more important and scrutinized in daily life. Evie Muir, 21, a returned volunteer from South Africa on the International Citizen Service (ICS) programme, tells us what changes she’s making in her life to reduce her environmental impact…

At first I tried to ignore it, but the piercing heat reached unbearable heights


Rumbi lives in Zimbabwe. Growing up, she noticed the change in her country brought about by climate change, and its stark effect on poverty in communities. Rumbi’s blog is part of our #coolerpanet series, bringing perspectives on climate change from young people around the world.

November , 2015 , I experienced heat I had never experienced before, I could not concentrate at work. At first I tried to ignore the piercing heat but it reached unbearable heights, my head started aching , the sweating got worse and was ultimately followed by a nose bleed . I asked what this heat was and I was told that it is called a heat wave. I asked what could have caused such disturbing temperatures, and the answer I got was ‘climate change’.