The Global Goals and sexual and reproductive health and rights – missing targets?


John Worley, the Fund Director at our friends AmplifyChange, has penned an excellent blog about what’s missing in the Global Goals for Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights. It really resonates with us as we push on with our Have You Seen My Rights? campaign that is all about getting young people to address this very issue. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

The Global Goals targets do not explicitly endorse sexual and reproductive health and rights, and they shy away from sexual rights.  Let’s hope they don’t leave governments at liberty to criminalise, stigmatise and discriminate people on the basis of their sexual orientation instead of calling for the removal of laws that, for example, criminalise LGBTI individuals as one of its targets.  We would have liked to see a target to challenge and end criminalisation of LGBTI individuals.

You can read his full critique here.