The UK may not be recognised as a champion for climate change, but that may be unfair



Jessica Simonds is a postgraduate student in Violence, Terrorism and Security at Queen’s University in Belfast. She is also a member of the action/2015 Youth Panel as a representative for the British Youth Council. Follow her experiences at the youth climate camp in Paris via twitter on @JKSimonds.

The UK may not be fully recognised for its ability to combat and champion climate change, but this author will argue that this may be unfair. As an island nation, we have been given the evidence of how our sea levels will rise and our land mass may be diminished. This could affect us in more ways than having to worry about adapting to smaller territory. Some see it as a national security concern, some see it as a moral concern, whereas others fear for our economy and physical safety. This article hopes to engage you in the topic of our legislation and our ambitions  

5 brilliant tips for surviving a UN Conference


Miriam Freudenberg is Restless Development’s Advocacy & Networks Coordinator. Providing a unique insight into the reality behind to glamour, Miriam shares some lessons learned and advice on networking and lobbying in an international context.

How do you successfully network? Yes, you always need to have your business cards with you, you need to know your advocacy message by heart and you need to map whom to target.