Youth-led accountability: the means and ends to “Leave No One Behind”

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Sarah Haynes, Restless Development’s Policy and Research Coordinator, blogs on why the UN’s High Level Political Forum is a chance to listen to young people to help make sure the Global Goals become reality.

No Future Without Us: Young people have the power to lead


Douglas Imaralu is a communications and international development professional. He is presently a Partnerships and Communication Fellow with Restless Development, USA and a Fellow of the White House/Atlas Corps Emerging Global Leaders Initiative (EGLI) program from Nigeria. He writes from New York.

My Washington Experience.


During the 13-15h June, Restless Development sent two youth delegates to the Global Youth Forum 2016 in Washington D.C, USA. Nora Nyirenda from Zambia and Rafaella Galdeono from the UK attended the Forum, hosted by the World Bank Group and it’s Global Partnership for Youth in Development, to ensure that young people had a voice in these big discussions. Here, Nora who is a former staff member in our Zambia office, shares with us her thoughts and feelings following the Forum.

Youth Power and why the OGP promise depends on it


Victoria Forsgate is a youth and accountability expert and  was previously Head of Policy & Practice at Restless Development in London. Victoria is now based Jakarta and in this piece she explains how the Open Government Partnership and youth can work together. This post originally appeared on the OGP blog.

This young woman is making sure leaders listen to her


Ritah is an accountability advocate on our BIG IDEA project, led by young people around the world. Globally these young people are working to hold their leaders to account for promises they make, and make sure these same leaders commit to ambitious goals to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change. 

Growing up in rural Uganda, I have experienced and witnessed cases of drug shortages in health facilities, alarming levels of teachers not turning up to teach in schools and, expired crop seeds being distributed to farmers and farmer groups. I have heard stories of men who batter their wives being arrested and released the following day.

#StandWithEva: The first edition of Youth Power


Cat Currie is Restless Development’s Campaigns Manager based in London, UK. She has been leading the launch of our new global Youth Power campaign. This week we kicked off the #YouthPower movement through the story of Eva – a young girl leading a petition in her village in Tanzania for access to clean water. Here’s Cat’s highlights from the launch.

The ‘development workers of the future’? They’re right under our nose


Perry Maddox is Restless Development’s COO and is responsible for a small army of development workers worldwide. In this piece, he challenges the findings of a new report into what development workers will look like in the future – and points to a crucial factor that has been overlooked.

As development professionals we spent much of 2015 looking into the future, working out how we can improve the world over the next fifteen years via the new Global Goals. Perhaps lesser known is that some of us also took a stab at what we think our colleagues will look like in the future  – but there’s a glaring omission from our vision.

Devex recently released the results of a survey entitled “Meet the next generation development professional”, compiling responses from more than 1000 development professionals about what the next generation of “aid workers will look like”.

The dramatic impact of climate change in Kenya


In the latest post in our #CoolerPlanet series, Kenneth and Felix from Kenya tell a story about the dramatic impact of the changing environment in their country. It inspired them set up action/2015:Nairobi – a social movement for young people that works on the Global Goals.

Climate change is a global issue that has posed many serious threats to different regions.  While Climate change affects us all, it does not affect us all equally.

Small steps to contribute to a better planet


Tobi Ijitoye is an action/2015 youth panelist and campaigner with Restless Development. In this post for the #CoolerPlanet series, she reflects on what small steps individuals can take to help tackle climate change.

Things that come into my head when I hear climate change: extreme weather, natural disasters, poor air quality, a massive myth. I am pretty sure this is what other people think when they hear about climate change too. However there’s more to climate than this. Climate change is an unprecedented moment in human history and it will take great innovation to halt climate change in its tracks.